Have you ever wanted to stay the night at a real haunted hotel? Now is your chance! If you're willing to make the eight hour drive from El Paso to Seguin, Texas, you could stay in the legendary haunted Magnolia Hotel. Owners Jim and Erin Ghedi are now taking reservations, which you can make here, and are fully prepared to welcome you into what is being called "the most haunted hotel in Texas" according to MSN. (I say that skeptically because I live in El Paso and have been inside the Paso Del Norte hotel which is pretty creepy itself, check out why here).

The hotel has been featured on paranormal lovers' favorite shows like:
Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures Aftershock
Paranormal Files
Nick Groff Tour
Ghost Brothers
When Ghost Attack
Paranormal Caught on Camera
Day Tripper
Expedition Texas
PBS Strange Town
Rooster Teeth
Darkness Radio
Russell Rush Show

In order to find out more about this haunted hotel, I'm currently watching the "Ghost Adventures" episode (season 10 episode 11 FYI). In this episode, Zak and the gang seem to be having some trouble in the basement, so I don't recommend going in there. Zak also gets a little freaked out by "The Pink Bathroom" which the owner believes is acting as a portal to something more sinister. Zak also believes that the second floor is where there's more activity.

You can check out what kind of activity the "Ghost Adventures" crew found when you make a reservation. Accommodations include a fully restored suite, complete with two bedrooms, a living room, non-cooking kitchen and a full bath with a walk-in shower.

If you're not ready to commit to a full night at the hotel, you can check out their free open house on October 26th from 9:30AM to 2:30PM. The owners will be opening the doors of the Historic Magnolia Hotel to the public. Admission is completely FREE and no reservations needed it is first come first serve. You can check out more information here.

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