Last week animal lovers in El Paso were heartbroken to see a video recorded by a motorist of a young boy and an older man abandoning a Husky on the side of the road. The young man was seen taking the dog's leash and collar off before hopping into the backseat. The two start driving away and the confused pup starts chasing after the car at full speed, trying to get back to his owners.

After the video was shown on social media, it quickly went viral with many people voicing their anger at the man's treatment of the dog. Local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization the Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue took in the 10-month-old Husky puppy and he was quickly adopted by a local family.

People were happy to see this neglected dog given a happy ending but many still wanted to see charges against the man who drove the vehicle and left the dog.

Due to the video clearly showing the SUV's license plate, the man was quickly found and identified as 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos. Antonio Campos was charged with animal cruelty. Court documents were obtained by ABC7 and they show what Antonio Campos told officers as to why he left the dog in the desert.

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According to the court documents, the suspect told investigators the dog wasn't his and is actually a stray from his neighborhood. he also said the dog killed another dog in his neighborhood and tore up his yard. Antonio Campos said he didn't have the number for Animal Services so he decided to dump the dog in the desert.

Court documents indicate Campos reportedly told sheriff's investigators that the dog was a stray in his neighborhood that killed a neighbor's dog and destroyed his garden, so he decided to relocate the Husky and did not have the phone number for Animal Control. He also told the investigators he was the only one responsible and the boy in the video just asked him to help him catch the dog.

This is the story he told investigators but parts of it don’t make sense. If the dog really was a stray, why did the animal have a leash and collar that needed to be removed before he was dumped? Hopefully, the man doesn’t try to adopt another dog in the future.

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