The pandemic led to an influx in people wanting to adopt or foster dogs to keep them company during the isolated times of 2020. Now that people are being vaccinated and things are opening back up, local animal rescues and shelters are seeing a rise in returned dogs and other animals. It's sad that these dogs were there for people when they were lonely, but now some people don't think twice about returning them and now that their life is back to normal. This had led to many shelters and rescues not accepting any more animals due to the financial and physical strain.

One of the horrific ways people are getting rid of these dogs is by dumping them outside a rescue and driving away, or even taking them out to the desert or a desolate road and leaving them there. These dogs are then scared, hungry, and alone trying to figure out what they did wrong. And it's not fair to them.

An example of this behavior was recorded by a motorist who witnessed a young boy and a man who abandoned a Husky. The young man was seen taking the dogs leash and collar off before hopping into the backseat. They start driving away and the confused pup starts chasing after the car at full speed, trying to get back to his owners.

Instagram User ms.mojorising_ posted the video and expressed her disgust in the behavior, something that is sadly being seen more and more in the area:

"I’m posting this again because it’s too severe of an issue not to. Not only is it a severe issue in El Paso….but it has become the norm. This heartbreaking scene is what happens day in and day out here. All those dogs y’all see me move out of state is for this exact reason because heartless people don’t think or care. They didn’t measure the responsibility that being a pet owner requires and instead of, again taking responsibility, and reaching out for help from a rescue they opt to dump their poor dog. I am disgusted, I am furious, and I am heartbroken. El Paso needs to DO BETTER."

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Thankfully, the woman who recorded the video was a fellow dog rescuer who picked up the Husky. The dog is now being cared for by foster-based Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue. The Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and you can help them support this dog and others like it through their website. You can also inquire about adopting this lovable pup as well.

The woman who recorded the video also contacted the Horizon Police Department and was given a case number so hopefully, we will see this man brought to justice for his blatant disregard for an animal's life.

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