There's always an argument on whether or not "Nightmare Before Christmas" is a Halloween or a Christmas movie but it's really to be enjoyed all year long. Tim Burton's iconic "Nightmare Before Christmas" is a movie that has developed a serious cult following by fans. People proudly wear their "Nightmare Before Christmas" gear, buy the plushies, decorate their rooms, all to show off their Jack Skellington pride. And if you really want to get creeped out, there are even fan pages that are dedicated to people's Jack Skellington obsession.

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Fans like to argue about when is the right time to watch "Nightmare Before Christmas," during spooky October or jolly Christmas, but there's really only one correct answer. Anytime you feel like watching it. The Disney amusement parks decorate the parks with plenty of "Nightmare Before Christmas" decorations in October celebrating Halloween time. After October 31st, the decorations are tweaked a bit and they add Santa hats, snow, and more so that New Orleans Square has plenty of holiday flare.

El Pasoans agree, and there are plenty of "Nightmare Before Christmas" fans all around the Borderland. I even found a Facebook group dedicated to El Pasoans who love the film and decorate their homes for Halloween with Jack, Sally Zero, Oogie Boogie, and more. SO get yourself into the holiday spirit this weekend by putting on "Nightmare Before Christmas," and when Christmas comes around watch it again. Then the rest of the year watch it when you feel like it because this classic deserves to be seen year-round.

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