The time I am up on Scenic Drive is usually to get from the Westside to Central. When I take this route I notice A LOT of people who admire our beautiful scenic view.

Before I discovered a new spot to do my thinking or have some alone time I used to visit Scenic Drive. Usually, the time Scenic Drive has the most visitors would be during the evening when the moon is out. When I was in high school my dad didn't let me take the freeway so I would take Scenic Drive every day to get me from point A to point B. Now since I discovered my hidden gem to have some alone time I am curious why you visit Scenic Drive. Friends have told me some funny stories that involve Scenic Drive being a baby making spot during the late night hours. So I know some of you like to take that risk and get frisky up on that mountain. Then we have out of towners who like to take pictures to remember the view we're so lucky to have. If you're a fan of Scenic Drive, what is usually your reason to make a pit stop on Scenic Drive? Jeff B highlights the famous area most people like to stop at on Scenic Drive above!

If you don't see your purpose to visit Scenic Drive, you can enter it in our poll down below!

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