Every single man, woman and child among us has at some point asked the question: which is faster? A warthog or a lion? Well, thanks to everything now being recorded on video, we have our answer. Pumba would definitely beat Simba in a race.

This video was shot in Kruger National Park in South Africa. A warthog doesn’t know that he’s being stalked by 7 lions. There’s a lot of high drama but I’ve started the video at the exact moment the warthog makes a break for it.

That's what they call “breakaway” speed at the NFL Combine. That stubby-legged little warthog turns on the afterburners and leaves those lions in the dust. To paraphrase Aesop, “The lions were running for their breakfast…the warthog was running for his life”.

I showed this to the team and Joanna asked, “Was it a young warthog?” Lisa and Brandon laughed appreciatively but I didn’t get it. They had to sing it for me to get the joke.

Nice! Joanna just told her first dad joke!

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