On September 6th, Guns N' Roses will be in town. We all know that ZZ Top is opening up this mammoth show. If it were up to me I think  a local rock band picked by the public would have kicked ass but I'm not complaining, believe me!

I still can't believe how fast this year has come and gone. We've crossed over the half way point but there are a couple of bands/artist I think really would have kicked rock n roll ass! First off, if anyone actually reads these blogs I write know my first pick is Sebastian Bach. I haven't seen him in concert in 21 years and that to me would be awesome. Second band would be Alice In Chains! You damn right! One of my all time favorite bands I haven't seen yet. This would have rounded out the night I think rather nicely!

This night is going to be rocking and ZZ Top are definitely a classic act and this show promises to make music history. See you there!!


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