The Office is one of my favorite shows! It's my go-to show when I can't find anything to watch. And I'm not the only one, Buzz and Brandon also love it. Lately though, The Office has been highlighted a lot on the show. Brandon recently did his After Buzz on crazy fan theories about the show, and we're constantly trying to figure out within our own group who the Michael is and who the Jim and Pam are. It was pretty hard but I think I got it.

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    Kelly Kapoor


    I'll start with the more easy/obvious one. Lisa is TOTALLY Kelly! I'm pretty sure on several occasion's I've heard Lisa say "how dare you?" Lisa is peppy like Kelly and at times can throw the best shade.

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    Phyllis Vance


    Buzz and Brandon say I'm Phyllis and I don't disagree with that. You would figure I'm Angela because of the cats, but I'm not as stuffy as she is. Phyllis is soft spoken but damn, Phyllis can throw shade! I love it, now all I need to do is find me a Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.

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    Jim Halpert


    I thought long and hard on this one (that's what she said). Brandon can pull a good prank on Buzz, and Brandon IS getting married, albeit not to the receptionist but there will be a wedding. We're basically living in season six of The Office right now waiting for Brandon's wedding. Brandon's demeanor resembles Jim's and just like Jim, Brandon has to act as our boss when Buzz is busy with his shenanigans. I feel like a lot of times when something dumb happens Brandon looks at an imaginary camera dumbfounded.

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    Michael Scott


    After careful consideration, I've decided that Buzz is Michael. He's kind of the boss. Like Michael, Buzz is a "well-intentioned man whose attempts at humor, while seemingly innocent to himself, often offend and annoy his peers and employees." That's at least according to the show wiki. And I can see it. He's sometimes clueless and thinks he's funny but it all works out together in the end just like it does with us on the show

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