Thanks to the late Chris Cornell, I have two favorite versions of "Patience" to enjoy. The first belongs to the real OG which is Guns N' Roses. But I have got to admit, the recent cover of "Patience" by Chris Cornell hit home. My first time hearing Cornell's cover took me on a trip down memory lane to revisiting some past memories. We can all agree that you can hear that Chris Cornell expressed his vulnerable side singing this cover. As for Guns N' Roses, I didn't connect on an emotional level with their version. Chris Cornell's cover of "Patience" gave me goosebumps from the beginning all the way to the end. You can hear the sensitive side, Chris Cornell expresses in this "Patience" cover he did.

I am sure a lot of you feel the way I feel about Cornell's version for Guns N' Roses version. Almost everyone's favorite version of something usually tends to be the original. But in this case, I find myself leaning more towards Chris Cornell's version of "Patience" over Guns N' Roses. Now if I had to choose a favorite here and now between the two it would be Chris Cornell. Don't get me wrong they're both exquisite just one version tugged on my heartstrings more than the other did. If you had to pick which "Patience" you rather listen to on repeat, who would it be? Pick who you believe between Guns N' Roses and Chris Cornell sang "Patience" better in the poll below.

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