Through out the history of entertainment, some bring it and some seem to let it slide. With that being said paying hard earned money on a band or performer to not deliver is inexcusable!

As a rocker I have seen some of the best bands kill it but their singer doesn't. For me personally, Vince Neil of one of my favorite bands Motley Crue takes the taco! Not only did Vince let his vocals on songs seem half hearted, it's a wonder they lasted as long as they did. Back in the good ole days when the Crue were running on all cylinders Vince would actually sing pretty much all the lyrics. Not anymore! Which pushed a lot of fans away but then again it's Motley Crue!

Being a vocalist myself singing has always been a way of life and I couldn't pull off what Vince does, because I care about the music and the words behind the story. So there you have it, I'm off my soap box. So who in this great big world makes you cringe?

Below is a video Vince Neil singing his heart out...SIKE!! Enjoy!!


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