Football season doesn't start for a while yet but, it's always a good time to brag on your team!

The NFL just released the 2018-19 game schedule.  It should be an interesting season with new rules kicking in and some big names switching teams.

So, overall, who's El Chuco's favorite team? Judging by the bumper stickers, T-shirts, flags and other team merchandise I see around El Paso, it seems this is predominately Cowboys country. Other teams strongly represented include The New England Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Raiders, 49'ers and Broncos.  I'm not saying those ARE the most popular teams around here, just that I see their logos the most.

So, let's see who's really numero uno around the Borderland.  We'll start with those I mentioned since I can't fit all 32 NFL teams into this poll.  If you don't see your team, don't get all chiple on me ... they wouldn't all fit!!!  You can write your favorite in though via the "other" category!

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