Halloween and the Day Of The Dead have come and gone, but here's one more haunted house story.  And it could be your house!

Do you really know the history of your house?  When it was built?  Who lived in it?  Who died in it?

Real Estate agents aren't required by law to give up that info and they aren't exactly thrilled about the question.  (A story at yahoo.com indicates that a "death house" can sell for up to 25% less and take up to 50% longer to sell.)  Most agents will probably tell you if you ask because it shows you can trust them.  If buyers find out on their own, it can make the agent look dishonest!

in home deaths cause slow home sales
Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images via Universal Orlando

You don't have to rely on them anymore though!  The nice folks at Diedinhouse.com will get you the lowdown on who "went down" in your casa truthfully, honestly and quickly.

Might be worth the $11.99 if it means your crib won't go all Amityville Horror on you in the middle of a cold, rainy night!

What do you think?