Concerts were a big part of our lives that always gave us something to look forward to seeing. El Paso has been wondering when concerts will be making a comeback since the pandemic put a stop to them last year. There were tons of concerts that had to cancel or reschedule for a later date due to Covid-19.

But before the pandemic got out of hand the last concert some of us enjoyed in El Paso was KISS. The band KISS kept their show dates except they decided to not proceed with their meet and greets. We've all had the urge to pay for an overpriced beer at a concert lately.

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But it seems like you can enjoy just that at an upcoming tour that is coming to El Paso. The band WhiskeyDick will be bringing "The Road to Freedom" tour along with special guests. The tour will have a special host running the show, Chris Polone.

Another familiar face that is returning to El Paso but as a solo is Marc Rizzo. Some of you know Marc Rizzo as the lead guitarist from Soulfly. He once was also a part of the band Ill Nino many years ago.

I am super stoked about Marc Rizzo coming back to El Paso, Texas since the last time I hung out with him. It was March 26, 2013, when I first saw Soulfly perform at Tricky Falls with my buddy Albert who introduced me to their music. Well, this time it will just be Marc Rizzo performing solo which some fans should be excited for.

You can catch this show at The Rockhouse Bar and Grill on April 10, 2021. If you plan on attending you can purchase your tickets to see WhiskeyDick, Marc Rizzo, and Chris Polone by clicking here. I shared some pictures below from the Soulfly show at Tricky Falls and you can spot Marc Rizzo. Mark your calendars and save the date for WhiskeyDick, Marc Rizzo, and Chris Polone when they visit El Paso next month.

Marc Rizzo with Soulfly

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