As a Star Wars virgin, I have never watched the series because I get mixed views on which movie to start off with. So I am going to the KLAQ listeners to see what I should do, watch them in the order they came out in, or started with Episode I?

Arguments I have heard for watching them in the order they came out in:

This is the way it was meant to be seen. It keeps the suspense of the film.

There is an important scene in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back that was voted the #4 Most Shocking Revelations in Film which if you watch them 1 through 6 you will lose that moment.

The technological transitions are more logical this way. The effects get better, the fights get better, and the overall viewing quality is better as you watch. You see the way movies have advanced in the time and truly appreciate it.

Arguments I have heard for watching them in order:

This way shows the true rise, fall, and redemption of Darth Vader.

You understand why Darth Vader is the way he is. With his childhood being explained, you better understand what he turns into as an adult.

The emotions flow better. Episodes 3 and 5 are more emotionally charged, while 4 and 6 are more upbeat movies.

So there are the arguments I hear the most about why I should watch Star Wars either way. What do you think? Should I watch them in the way they were released, or watch them in the way George Lucas says I should? I need your opinion Q listeners!