When you think of your childhood, what do you remember most? Always catching a sunset when you’re on your way home for dinner. Or you were the kid that was up early admiring the sunrise because it meant cartoons were about to start. Well, either way you know you had a good childhood if sunrises and sunsets remind you of great times. If someone were to ask you to pick your preference between sunrise or sunset, how would you answer? I was thinking about it because I don’t even think I could answer something like that. The sunrise and sunset remind me of different periods of my life. The sunrise reminds me of the time I became a mother. Being up at all hours means you can catch a great sunrise that is another perk to being an early bird. The sunrise also reminds me of the difficult times when I would have to say goodbye to my once long-distance boyfriend. But the amazing view sure did help push me to be on the brighter side. As for the sunsets, those probably remind you of the good old days playing outside with friends. You would always catch the sunsets on your way home from playing cops and robbers on your bike with friends. Since we don’t do the same things we did then, would a sunrise or sunset be something you try and catch now?

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