Nobody likes them but, we all deal with them every day...

Red lights are an annoying, yet necessary evil and they're everywhere. It seems like forever when you're sitting at one but, the average wait time around El Paso seems to be under a minute. KFOX recently timed some key intersections with these results:

  • Bob Mitchell and Saul Kleinfeld : About 38 seconds.
  • Pellicano and Mission Ridge: About 38 seconds.
  • Transmountain and Alcan: About 45 seconds.
  • US54 and Broaddus: No more than 40 seconds.
  • Resler and Northern Pass: 40 seconds.
  • Resler and Paseo Del Norte: 1 minute and 5 seconds.
  • Sun Valley and Gateway North: Up to a minute and 40 seconds. -

They did find one area where red light wait times are extra long. On Montana, east of Hawkins, wait times were 2:30. If you find an intersection where red light times seem too long or the lights fail to change at all, report them by calling 311 or, via the city 311 app.

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