While El Paso may best be known for its delicious Mexican food, sometimes you need a change of pace.

And when you are on the go, a sandwich can get the job done.

TastingTable is ranking 20 popular sandwich chains and you can find a lot of them right here in the Borderland:

To help with your next lunchtime decision, we've rounded up the nation's favorite sandwich chains and ranked them from worst to best.

Here are rankings, according to TastingTable. The ones you can find in El Paso are in bold:

20. Subway

19. Quiznos Subs

18. Blimpie

17. Portillo's

16. Jimmy John's

15. Wawa

14. Which Which

13. Schlotzky's Deli

12. Penn Station East Coast Subs

11. Lenny's Grill & Subs

10. Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

9. Publix

8. Jersey Mike's

7. Firehouse Subs

6. Au Bon Pain

5. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

4. Jason's Deli

3. Mendocino Farms

2. Panera Bread

1. Pret A Manger

So El Paso is home to seven of the 20 sandwich chains, including the one in dead last -- Subway. TastingTable ranks Subway last in part because: "They have also been the subject of multiple scandals regarding their ingredients over the years."

Other chains, like Potbelly Sandwich Shop and Which Which permanently closed their El Paso locations.

But let's not dwell on that. Let's look at the positives.

You can find four of the top ten here in El Paso. Ranking the highest in that group is Jason's Deli, which actually started back in 1976 in -- you guessed it, Texas.

DID YOU KNOW: "the chain claims to be the first national restaurant to eliminate all trans fats from its menu."

Also cracking the top ten that you can find in El Paso are Firehouse Subs, Jersey Mike's and Capriotti's Sandwich Shop.

But if you want to try a sandwich from the top chain, according to TastingTable, the closest Pret A Manger is located in Los Angeles. And let's be real, if you're going to L.A. you shouldn't be eating at a national sandwich chain.

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