Which sex do you think is more likely to get arrested for public intoxication? We all have witnessed men and women getting arrested for public intoxication from our party days.

I remember my party days leaving the club seeing dudes and chicks being arrested. I have seen more men being arrested for public intoxication the times I went out. Now I could count on one hand how many women I've seen arrested compared to men. Live PD caught this woman who landed herself in trouble with the law for public intoxication. Since Live PD started airing I have noticed an equal amount of arrests made for men and women for public intoxication. There are people who get so lit that they make it known they are like the woman above. Not sure if she mixed drugs while drinking but we do know she had an open container! Another dead giveaway you can tell she was intoxicated was her slurring words and conversation she tried to have with the officer. Another woman you may remember from Live PD was the woman who was peeing in the parking lot. So far it's been rare that you see a man and woman arrested together for public intoxication. Hell, even Live PD caught a man and woman who were getting frisky and publicly intoxicated here in El Paso.

So which sex do you think gets arrested more for public intoxication between men and women? Take the poll below!

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