Texans share the same love for iconic foods that our state is known for having. Yes, everything is bigger and better in our Lonestar state which obviously includes our food.

Our state is known for barbecue, chili, chicken fried steak, and much more. If El Paso had to pick only one restaurant to be remembered for, what would you pick? It's funny how the famous people even know about certain joints we eat at sometimes. You know exactly who I am talking about and he even mentions the particular restaurant in his skit. If you guessed Gabriel Iglesias, you're correct and he even called it an El Paso tradition. This comedian sure did describe the after-effects of eating Chico's to the T. It may or may not affect you but clearly affected Gabriel since he made a joke out of it. Then there are some who believe the best burgers come from Rosco's in Central El Paso. Anytime you hear someone ask where to get the best burger, 90% of the time the answer is Rosco's. We're also known for the mouthwatering Mexican food all around our Border town. Shoot, now if you want the real thing you just gotta cross the bridge for the best tasting Mexican food. There are some people who don't share the same likable taste when it comes to food.

So take the poll below on the food chain you think reminds you and other people of El Paso!

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