El Paso has a huge craft beer fan base and curious which joint you prefer to get your beer belly on at. There are quite a few spots you can get your craft beer on at and curious which joint is the most loved.

I am so grateful for craft beer and the brewmasters who create the tasty and thirst quenching brew! There are different joints where you can choose to get your poison at around El Paso. Years ago when you wanted craft beer, you would visit Jaxon's when it used to be open. But now we have breweries that keep their main focus on crafting beer. Once you go craft, you never go back to the typical six-pack you would buy from your local grocery store. When I had my first sip of craft beer I won't settle for anything less than craft anymore....unless I am poor and craving a cold one. Each local brewery has a different vibe and crowd and was curious which joint you prefer to drink at. If you had to pick your poison from one of the local breweries, who would you choose? It sounds like a tough decision but who do you think has the best brew in El Paso? One El Pasoan, Gilbert Acosta chose to do his school project on DeadBeach Brewery and interview brewmaster Gabe.

So pick where you like to get your poison from  down below!

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