We can't always get what we want, so if you had to make a decision on boobs or butts, which would you choose? Of course we all wish we could be blessed with both, unfortunately that is never the case.

It is a very tough decision when you have to choose between your favorite body part on a woman. One of the men in this video didn't pick any of the two choices, his favorite body part on a woman is the snatch. As for the other guests, the majority of the vote went to the chest. One of the men in this video made a valid point saying you can always get a butt by doing squats. As for the butt, there was only a handful of votes who preferred a butt over boobs. The ones that voted for butt said it's nice to smack a butt and can't really smack boobs.

Which would you prefer more in a woman between the butt and boobs? Take the poll below!




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