Sometimes people go through some crap in life that they feel they need to forget by consuming alcohol. Hell, some of us have been there and done that eventually leads to hating the outcome. But regardless of the hangover the following day, sometimes for some, it is worth it.

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Now, of course, the only time a hangover would be worth it is if you had the time of your life the night before. There are quite a few places that can do just the trick by providing the drinks, beats, and a gnarly atmosphere.

There are quite a few places in El Paso people enjoy going to drink and dance the night away. When I was in my early 20s I enjoyed quite a few places that don't exist in El Paso anymore.

The places my friends and I partied at were some of the places DJ Johnny Kage would be playing at. A couple of those places we went to drown our sorrows or just live it up were Republic and Peoria.

Republic was downtown in Union Plaza and Peoria was located at Rudolph Plaza but have not been around for quite some time. Those are a couple of the places I wish still existed in El Paso.

One day I saw a woman ask for recommendations on the Ladies Lockerroom 2.0 Facebook group for the best spot to get lit is in El Paso. Now since I don't really go out anymore I don't even know about all the newer spots that have opened since.

Plus, I like to believe a lot of El Pasoans miss one particular nightclub that also had concerts, which was Club 101. Since I stopped partying there have been new places opening that looks like a good time.

But there have been plenty of new bars that opened over the years that some have been drawn to. For example, the place on the Westside has an Alice In Wonderland theme that some locals have flocked to lately.

Now for the Eastside of El Paso, there are quite a few popular spots locals enjoy getting lit at. Usually, the best places locals prefer to get lit at usually have great food and beats. Now anyone who remembers The Garden knows that place was the bomb dot com for food and beats.

Everyone has their own preference but it has had me wondering where people in El Paso enjoy getting lit at. Since there are tons of places in El Paso to get lit, I tried narrowing it down the best way I could. Make sure to vote for what part of town has the best places to get lit in the poll below.

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