Not that there's a prize for finding him or anything...Howdy!  Double G here checking in from vacation - land!  Meant to do this a couple of days ago but it was only today that my provider (rhymes with thicket) FINALLY decided to give me the service I ALWAYS pay for.

Anyway, life is great here. Hawaii is so 90's, Aspen is to crowded and theres to much lead in the air down in Mexico; so I decided to go somewhere exotic and mysterious.  My place.

Seriously, I'm NEVER home so it kind of is like a "whole 'nother country"!!  I'll try and post some pics soon ... if anything funny or exciting happens!  In the meantime; the beers cold, the musics loud, there's plenty of ammo and the bikes almost on the road again!  Having a blast ... wish you were here!!