No one will ever forget those long and sometimes romantic walks across the border! The younger generation won't get to experience the dumb shenanigans and that's a good thing. Hell, some of you won't remember those of those times crossing back over. From what you do remember, which place did you and your friends prefer to drink Coronitas at? My group of friends would test the waters by visiting both Renos and Tequila Derby. It seems as if the Derby was more popular with a big fan base compared to Renos. The Derby has so many insane stories from each and every one of us. And if you were a regular at one of those two places you're familiar with the name Esther. Which spot do you remember having the most fun with your friends in Juarez? In case you need a reminder, Renos was a bit classier and of course, you know why Derby is called Dirty Derbs.

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