Do ghosts exist on facebook?

On this "Day Of The Dead", how about a facebook "Page of the Dead"?

Millions of people have facebook pages and checking that page has become a daily, or even hourly, ritual for them.  Some folks check in constantly while some update their status so infrequently you almost want to call them and make sure they're still alive.

Some, unfortunately, aren't.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

When someone dies they don't typically deactivate their page and their loved ones usually don't do it either.  It's as if the page somehow keeps them alive, so they never take it down. Some people even continue to post messages for the dearly departed on special days and anniversaries.

(I'm going to make sure NO ONE has my password so I can try and do my own updates after I kick off!  If you ever see things like "Again with the water Moses?" Or, "If Hendrix plays that intro to Purple Haze one more time, I'm gonna scream. FML",  then you'll know there is life, and facebook, after death!)

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Anyway, this brings up the question, "When will the dead "facers" outnumber the living ones?

According to a study by whoever runs "What If?", at the earliest (assuming facebook stays relevant to everyone) it will happen around 2065.  If young "new" users come on at a fast enough pace, it could push the dead facebook takeover to 2130.

Not sure how accurate these predictions are but, it looks like it will be quite awhile before we have to deal with "The Posting Dead"!!