El Paso has faced some crazy weather over the years that left all sorts of damage around town. El Paso hasn't really seen it all weather-wise but we have had our fair share. During the summer some people tend to worry when El Paso is expected to have heavy rain.

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But we all know why some people worry when El Paso faces a severe thunderstorm, simply because of the aftermath. This past summer amazed me how in 15 minutes the roads all around town were so quick to flood.

We should all remember the time I-10 East and West near Cotton exit flooded so bad that cars were just stalled there. Plus we all can't forget about the time Central flooded in November back in 2016. Just use Paradigm84's YouTube video as your reference below.

The previous year in 2015 Jake Salvador shared his storm adventure that was beyond crazy. It almost seemed as if there was a river flowing between the houses which you can see his proof in the video below.

Visiting further back to the El Paso Storm 2006 was the insane storm I missed out on since I was in California at the time. But after returning back to El Paso after the storm passed was devastating aftermath to see.

The El Paso Storm 2006 was the time Blockbuster Video was destroyed by the crazy weather. After returning back home from California I remember seeing a trail of DVDs scattered all along our street. David Espino shared a YouTube video showing a compilation of photos from that storm in El Paso.

But earlier this year in February we all recall the snowstorm we faced that luckily didn't cause a power outage like the rest of Texas. I am wondering if El Paso could expect a crazy snowstorm like past times or just expect no snow at all. Now for me, I am not a fan of crazy weather when I have to be out in it.

KVIA Abc 7 News shared a prediction for the kind of winter weather people can expect.

Now if I am at home, then that is a different story and I enjoy the rain and snow to the fullest. But curious what you expect when it comes to El Paso weather this winter. Don't be shy and place your vote in the poll below.

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