Parks are great places to "Social Distance" and El Paso is loaded with them.

El Paso has an excellent selection of parks and they come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of amenities. From playground equipment and jogging paths to rec centers, pools and splash parks. Some El Paso parks even offer grilling and pet-friendly areas.

I've been to several over the years for family fun, car shows, youth sporting activities, or to celebrate milestones with friends and family. My favorite park is Veterans Park in northeast El Paso. It was our neighborhood park so, that's where many special events happened and my daughters went through daycare and some rec programs there as well. Not to mention a few birthday parties at the park pool and other great times. It was also right across from the church we attended back then so, we spent a lot of time in or near it. The memories make it my favorite park although, those splash parks .. especially the pet-friendly one ... would surely have topped the list had they existed before my girls outgrew that kind of stuff. Fortunately, we always had Wet 'N Wild which is still a very special place for us, even though it's not a city park.

We all have our favorites and, luckily, there are almost 300 of them. Which one is your family's go-to? There are too many for me to put together a poll here but, name yours in the comments ... preferably along with a selfie taken at your fave.

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