We've all sent texts to the wrong person, "drunk texted" and/or even had a "sext" fall into the wrong hands. Embarrasing but hey; "no harm, no foul" right??

Gibberish, misspellings or secret fantasys revealed, at least you didn't get arrested!!  This bonehead set up a drug deal via text but then sent it (I'm assuming accidentally) to the WRONG NUMBER.

Really ... see for yourself at msn.com

Is this chick from El Paso??  Sounds like she could be related to whoever sent  4 or 5 pounds of pot to Louisiana from here awhile back and addressed the package wrong!!   Really!!  Read that one from one of my past WTF Wednesday blogs at KLAQ.com.

Ever do something dumb via text?  Email?  Come oooooooon, let's hear the stories.......

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