WTF Wednesday, 9/14/11 ... I swear, I'm not making this stuff up!

Another trifecta of triviality here; we'll start in the theaters:

ANOTHER remake is coming our way.  Now the creative geniouses in Hollywood have decided "Weird Science" needs re-doing.  WTF??  Are they seriously THAT out of ideas?

Millions of people recently sat glued to their computers watching an eagle sit and stare.  That's how starved for entertainment we are.  Hollywood can't top a bird on a hill.  If you just make something up and start filming it; you'll probably wind up with a film that has some kind of merit.  (If nothing else, a good nude scene will sell a few tickets.)

Anything would be more interesting than watching one of todays adolescent geeks play an old adolescent geek ball. Anthony Michael Hall was bad enough, who are they going to get now? A  Jonas brother??

Here's a list of some other films about to be dug up and sacrificed from  At last count, around 75 movies were slated to be remade ... WTF??

Moving right along, let's turn our attention to the law.  Generally, WTF Wednesday is meant to be a fairly light hearted blog.  Serious issues do sometimes arise though; take the new laws that went into effect in Texas September 1st.  Some are ok, some are reasonable, some make you go WTF??

Evidence in sexual assault cases must now be tested (or submitted for testing) within 30 days of collecting.  According to Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth), this will give victims of sexual assault

"some peace of mind, knowing that these evidence kits will not just sit on a shelf collecting dust."

This was a problem??  Evidence was being taken and then ignored for so long ... and so often ... they had to make it against the law to ignore it?!?!

Read the whole list of new laws at

Those are some awesome individuals we have in our criminal justice system.  When they're incompetence gets so bad, NOT doing your job has to be criminalized.  WTF???????

And last but not least, Louisiana feels some El Paso love!  A package of marijuana was mailed from El Paso to a car wash in Lafeyette La.  That doesn't surprise me really, we are talking about El Paso here.  That it got through the U. S. Postal Service' STRINGENT security policies doesn't raise an eyebrow either.  That it apparently went to the WRONG BUSINESS ADDRESS kills me!!

Read/watch more here from

Leave it to a "stoner" to come up with such a brilliant scheme only to have it derailed by a simple detail.  Seriously; $10k worth of pot on the line and you couldn't double check the WTF-ing address??

After all that, I could use some mail ....... If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room.


(P. S. If the person from that last story is reading this, the address here is 4180 N. Mesa, El Paso Tx. 79902.  Write clearly and legibly.  Mark it Attention "Bud" .. I'll know)