We have known there are people in El Paso capable of doing something insanely wild without hesitation. Those are the people you see who are free-spirited and don't care what the world thinks.

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For example, we have seen countless times and different people in El Paso participating in something wild. Usually, the times you see something wild is normally seen on The Real Fit Fam El Paso's Instagram page.

We have seen idiotic people shooting guns up in the sky while driving or intoxicated couples getting hot and heavy. Some people in El Paso just can't wait until getting home to get the dirty deed on.

For example, we can't forget that one couple during the UTEP game at the Sun Bowl that was nationally televised. She certainly had no shame in giving her man some outdoor pleasure while he enjoys the game.

Don't go looking for that clip because it has been removed since it violated YouTube's policy. There was a story that was recently published involving a couple engaging in oral sex during the metal band's set.

Normally free-spirited people have no shame in just being sexual out in public. But this had me wondering if you ever spotted anything insane at a festival that went down in El Paso.

I remember the craziest thing I saw at a festival was a group of teens lounging around rolling up some joints. But the closest I have come to witnessing any kind of sexual activity at a festival was dry humping.

Just because I haven't seen anything insane doesn't mean you haven't. Let me know what insane sight you have spotted at a festival in El Paso below.

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