As a lifelong resident of Northeast El Paso, I'm probably a little biased when I say it's the best side of town. Sure, there are plenty that think it's the worst part of town, or it's too dangerous, but I like to call those people haters. The Northeast isn't bad and it's not more dangerous than other sides of town- like the Far East side- y'all are wild out there.

The Northeast has its own charm, and it's definitely a melting pot of delicious cuisine. We all know the Eggroll lady who makes the best eggrolls. And we also know of the famous bratwursts  sold on the side of Albertson's.

If you're not familiar, or you've never been, JR's Bratwurst was a delightful bratwurst stand next to the Albertson's on Dyer. Side note, that Albertson's permanently closed last year, and in true fashion it is now a Spirit Store.

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JR's Bratwurst was located in between the Albertson's and the strip mall that followed. It sounds like a bad spot, but it was actually very spacious. It was a great place to stop by and get a quick bite to eat, and to have some amazing service.

The menu was simple, but delicious! Also, reasonably priced.

Shawn C via Yelp
Shawn C via Yelp

Unfortunately for us, JR's Bratwurst closed down back in 2017- and I've never had a delicious bratwurst like that again!

Whatever happened to the man who used to run it? I'm part of this Northeast group on Facebook and was surprised that not many people knew it had closed down four years ago. The stand is still standing today, unoccupied; the ghost of JR's Bratwurst is haunting us!

So, I guess my question is- now where can I find a good brat like JR's Bratwurst in El Paso?!


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