The last few days have been incredibly hard for the country, and especially in Uvalde.

As an El Pasoan, I think many of us can relate to the sadness we feel after a tragedy. And I'm sure that when our tragedy happened, we were all extremely grateful for all the endless support we received.

Now, Uvalde is in need of help, in order for them to heal and Texans, of course, are stepping up.

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Texas Tribune environment reporter Erin Douglas Tweeted out her recent trip to Starbucks while in Uvalde.

After her Tweet went viral, many began to question if Starbucks was taking care of their Uvalde employees- to which a current Starbucks employee responded:

If you volunteer to go to another store you most definitely get the extra travel expensed. We also have what’s called the cup fund (partners donate to help other partners in cases like this), which I might also guess is being used to help the baristas in this area grieving!

Then, as if that wasn't heart warming enough, journalist Ali Bradley shared this photo on social media that showed Whataburger workers- but not just any Whataburger employees; these Whataburger employees are going above and beyond to help out their fellow Texans in Uvalde:

I don't think I need to tell anyone in El Paso how much gestures like this mean the world; not too long ago we were in the same situation.

The community of Uvalde is hurting, but they are not alone, and everyday it becomes clearer and clearer that they have the full support of Texans, and of many Americans.

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