It's good to know that our favorite fast food joint has a great sense of humor. There's a group on Facebook of diehard Whataburger fans called Whataburger Fanatics where they celebrate all things Whataburger. And there are some serious Whataburger fans in the Lone Star State. From people having their baby's 1st birthday shoot Whataburger theme, Whataburger Christmas cards, Whataburger Christmas trees, these members love everything about the spicy ketchup kings. So when you talk about ruining something sacred at Whataburger like their fries, don't expect them to respond nicely.

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One Whataburger fan did just that, shocking and horrifying Whataheads (I don't know Whataburger mega fans correct name is so I'm just going to call them this) with his post. Facebook user Aaron Ritchie posted a photo showing a Whataburger meal with one small change- curly fries instead of the delicious, classic Whata-style. The caption read:

"The change over has started. The nationwide switch from regular fries to curly fries will be complete by early January 2022. Thanks Chicago. Watch this news story:"

The Chicago reference is to the change in ownership to the iconic Texas brand which happened back in 2019, according to the New York Times. Texans were afraid the change in ownership would cause some of the qualities, or even some of the iconic meals to change but it's been a couple years and everything has stayed the same. But after this post, people thought the dreaded changes were starting to happen. Naturally, fans were immediately livid about the idea of the fries changing but if people checked the link where it said to watch the news story they would see we were all being trolled. The link leads to this video:

So yes, we avid Whataburger fans got rick-rolled. Even Whataburger got in on the fun commenting:

"Haha, you almost had us there Aaron. And a note to our friends: this isn't a thing."

Thankfully, it looks like those yummy Whataburger fries will be staying the same for quite some time.

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