The Texas native has been missing the beloved fast-food chain while in Kansas City and he's doing something about it.

Whataburger is hands down the favorite fast food joint for people in Texas. When out-of-state visitors come, that's one of the first places they want to go visit. People want to find out what all the Whataburger hype is all about. And believe the hype. The spicy ketchup, green chile, and honey butter are all worth the trip. And Texas native Patrick Mahomes agrees, back in 2018 Mahomes discussed with reporters his love of Whataburger's ketchup and Whataburger tweeted to him asking where they could send him some of his beloved ketchup. Mahomes responded saying all he wanted was some fresh, hot Whataburgers in his new home city:

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Whataburger responded to his tweet saying they were already in 10 states, but clearly this wasn't enough for Mahomes. According to ESPN, Whataburger was already working on expanding to the Kansas City area but only after Mahomes pleas. Now, Mahomes is an investor in a group that will be bringing about 30 Whataburgers to the Kansas City area over the next 7 years. Mahomes says this is his present to his new hometown:

"I love Kansas City and I love Whataburger. I'm excited to help bring a gift from my first home to my second home.''

Back in 2018 when the Twitter exchange initially happened, one Twitter user said if Mahomes was able to get Whataburger to Kansas City the city should thank him with a statue. I think it's time that the statue is built KC.

Read more about this on the ESPN website.

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