Beloved Texas fast-food chain Whataburger has teamed up with Justin Boots to release new Whataburger cowboy boots. Fans of Whataburger love to show off their devotion to the fast-food chain in many ways. We've seen a Texas couple that built a Whataburger chicken coop, Whataburger birthday parties, weddings, baby photos and more. To assist these adoring fans, Whataburger has been releasing plenty of licensed merchandise to help you show off your spicy ketchup love. From bracelet charms, tote bags, clothing, Yeti cups, towels, pillows, and some sweet dad sneakers. Whataburger has basically become the Gene Simmons and Kiss of the fast-food community. Now, they have a new item they are selling that's perfect for the cowboy and cowgirls out there.

Whataburger and Justin Boots have teamed up to release new custom-stitched Whataburger-stiched cowboy boots. The boots are brown and cream-colored with orange stitching and the Whataburger symbol. The boots are available in men and womens sizes for $249.99. You can purchase the boots at the Whataburger online retail shop. For more information on the new Whataburger Justin Boots visit the Whataburger website.

mens boots whataburger on white

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