A woman in Fort Worth wanted to have a unique creation for her pet chickens in the backyard, and her husband DELIVERED with this insane creation! If there's one thing we know about Texans, we love our Whataburger. Since moving to the state I've become a lover of the burger joint and the love may even be stronger than my love of In-N-Out. There, I said it. One woman in Fort Worth may be the biggest lover of all when it comes to Whataburger and her pet chickens.

Trisha Ruiz of Fort Worth, Texas is a diehard Whataburger fan so when her husband wanted to move she told him there was one serious stipulation- it had to be close to a Whataburger. Luck for Trisha she got her wish and the couple's new land is within a ten-minute drive to the nearest Whataburger. But Trisha also wanted another wish to be fulfilled on their new dream property- she wanted pet chickens. Her husband agreed and the two built an amazing, custom chicken coop that would house her feathery, fluffy pets and show off her love for her favorite orange and white joint. Right now her flock of chicken is at 15, but she hopes to add another 5 to 10 chickens to the family. If she does, Trisha says she may add another Whatachick'n coop, or maybe just a drive-thru. See the video above to see the coop or you can check out more photos of Trisha Ruiz's coop at the Whataburger site.

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