Thanksgiving is here and while you will be enjoying your meal at the table, your dog is probably begging for scraps underneath. While you may feel inclined to put together a plate just for your pupper, there are a few items on your Thanksgiving plate that aren't the best for your animals to be eating. For your dog, here are some Thanksgiving items he can enjoy:

  • Turkey with no skin, fat, or bones and preferably white meat over dark meat
  • Cheese but not too much, cheese in large quantities can be bad
  • Rice any kind
  • Sweet potatoes as long as they are not covered in marshmallow or spices like nutmeg which is bad for dogs
  • Carrots that don't have a bunch of spices on them and fresh carrots would be best
  • Celery fresh as possible
  • Corn that is not on the cob
  • Green beans
  • Pumpkin with the same rules as sweet potatoes
  • Apple without the core or seeds and some dogs (aka Tubby) prefer without the skin as well

There are other things you need to keep out of your dog's mouth on Thanksgiving, and it's not only food. There are also spices that your dog and cats need to avoid like nutmeg, onion, cocoa powder, garlic, and black pepper. Foods you should absolutely keep away from your dog on Thanksgiving include:


  • Ham (isn't "bad" but it isn't the healthiest option for your dog. Better to give them chicken or turkey)
  • Onions (really toxic for animals)
  • Raisins or grapes (these items are highly toxic for dogs)
  • mashed potatoes (all the seasonings are bad for them)
  • Store-bought deserts (these can contain spices or herbs that aren't ok for dogs to eat)
  • Stuffing (also may contain onions, garlic, and others so big nope)
  • Canned cranberries (fresh cranberries are ok but in small quantities)
  • Chocolate (a big no no)
  • Garlic (another big no no)


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