Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11th, and there will be some business closures associated with it, beyond those already closed due to the pandemic.

Veterans Day has been around for quite a while, originating at the end of World War 1 and being officially adopted as a national holiday in 1938. Many people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day but, the two honor veterans in completely different ways. Veterans Day is set aside to honor all who have served, living or dead. Memorial Day is to remember all military personnel who died in the line of duty. A very important distinction so, please be aware of the difference.

Veterans Day is a federal holiday so you can expect some business closures tomorrow including most city offices and all federal offices like the United States Postal Service, Federal offices, and Banks just o name a few. ( School districts closed on Veterans Day include EPISD, SISD, YISD, and CISD.

Of course, thanks to the recent pandemic related health ordinances, many "non-essential" businesses would not be open tomorrow anyway. Your best bet would be to call places you are planning to visit on Wednesday beforehand just to be sure.

Many businesses will also offer freebies to veterans on Wednesday including free meals at Applebee’s restaurants and 7-11 will give veterans free coffee or "Big Gulp" drinks. For more freebies, special deals, and discounts for veterans, click here. Your favorite local places may have special offers for veterans as well so, call ahead and ask.

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