In 2016 El Paso had it's very first pillow fight located in the Downtown area. There was a pillow fight that was held a couple years ago and had a good turn out.

Rafa Gomez tried his best to film the pillow fight as he also fought along. I am curious to know what kind of fight would you have the best time participating in. So if the city left it up to you to choose what annual fight we would be allowed to have, which would you vote for? I have had the chance to try all the choices below except for a food fight. One day I do plan on having a food fight with my son and future husband later down the line. It's hard to ever experience a snowball fight due to the kind of bi-polar weather El Paso has at times.

Take the poll below on what fight you would be thrilled to participate in with your fellow El Pasoans.

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