On Monday some kind of computer weirdness shut down everything at KLAQ.

No internet, no access to write these blogs, no streaming, no way to record commercials and things. No Buzz Adams podcasts. No station apps or Radiopup either. NOTHING. I’m actually writing this by hand on a piece of paper I was lucky enough to find at the front desk.  Talk about going back to the dark ages….

Anyway, our technical people are losing their minds. I’m writing this and realizing that I have horrible penmanship skills.  (You’re lucky I’ll get to retype it later, otherwise, you’d have no idea what it says.) Our sales staff are handling the crisis in their usual, utmost professional manner …. They’re all day -drinking somewhere.

So, yeah … this is what happens when there’s no internet or computer access. I get crazy bored and actually start straightening up my office. Something I’ve been saying I’ll do for a couple of years now and vow to practice writing by hand. Our IT people get more gray hairs and our sales staff gets wasted.

Without Facebook, we’re little more than savages I tell you. Anyway, that’s why things were not “as usual” yesterday.  In case you care.

I hope you’re Monday went better!

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