The recent shooting in Newtown Connecticut once again forces us to face the fact that evil walks among us. 

Most of us will probably never face a horror like Newtown, but threats are everywhere.  Whether it's a heavily armed attacker or a nut with a knife or baseball bat; you may face a crisis someday.

Are you ready?

Going to the shooting range often, learning martial arts, those are good starts.  I trained, and will continue to train, at  Tactical Ranch on the far east side of El Paso. Trained or not; anyone can be caught off guard and rendered helpless.

The first thing you need is a plan.  The following is the quickest and simplest "crisis education plan" I have ever read. (For a more detailed look at it, click here.)

I really hope you read it, it may save your life.  Or your kids, your folks, your bro .......




RUN - HIDE - FIGHT. This "formula" is designed to be effective yet simplistic in nature, simplistic in execution and easily recalled and implemented during times of duress.

1)   RUN!  Put distance between you and the shooter. Gather your family, placing children to your front, and run away from the violence. Change direction as you get out of the “line of sight” of the shooter. Calmly warn others as you run by saying “Shooter. Shooter. Leave the building."

2)   HIDE! Seek cover behind or in something or somewhere that will mask your position and impede or resist bullets.

Find a closet, office, restroom, whatever. Preferably a room that locks and has no windows.  Look carefully and quietly for items that can be used as weapons in case he does enter the room such as fire extinguishers, golf clubs, bats, or similar.

If the shooter enters your hide-site:

3)   FIGHT!  Attack fast, attack close and be violent!!

Do not allow the shooter to fully enter your room seeking targets. Benefit from the element of surprise and violence. Concentrate your attacks on the shooter’s head and neck region. If you can get his weapon, USE IT!

There are a few more tips below.  You might want to teach yourself to always follow them.  I got the plan above, and the tips below, from Tom Buchino who runs Tactical Ranch.  Mr. Buchino retired in 2006 from the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) as a Seargent Major.

He knows WTF he's talking about.

If you want to learn more about training at Tactical Ranch, you can contact them at (915) 855 - 8056.  If you can't get to them, they may be able to come to you. Ask 'em!




Things to remember:

*  Be aware of your surrounding.

*  Always identify a way out (exits / windows / stairwells).

*  When in a crowded location (theatre / sports arena / church / etc.), sit near row ends vs. in the middle of the row (provides quicker response and egress).

*  Establish a rally point (easily identifiable day or night) for your family and friends. A location that, if separated, everyone meets at after an incident (parking lot, park, bus stop, etc.).

*  People watch. If someone looks out of place, dressed inappropriately, or equipped with questionable items, take action.

*  Run; move away from the shooter

*  Hide if running is not an option

*  Be prepared to fight and fight violently.  Your ass, or someone's you love, is on the line.  It's a simple plan: