Since living in El Paso, I have seen my fair share of snakes, spiders, and certainly cockroaches - but I haven't had the experience of dealing with an actual NEST of some sort.

Until recently... when a family of wasps decided to make home base my front door. Do I like the protection? Yes. Do I want them to stay forever WITHOUT paying rent?! No.


The good news is I was able to find a thread on reddit with the exact same concern. Check out the responses below!

Q: I have a wasp nest outside of my house. Someone knows what can I do or who should I call? I have children and i have to find a solution asp

Buy some wasp spray from a big box store. It can shoot the chemical like 15ft. I would do this at night and make sure you dont get it on anyone else.


This is the right move. If the nest isn't accessible or if you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason, you can call an exterminator, but 99 times out of 100, you can just spray the thing yourself and move on with your life haha


Don't hit it with a stick or attempt to light it on fire. Probably best course of access is to call an exterminator.


No.. no hit it with anything. Get a few cans of wasp spray. Wait until the sun starts to set, get the kids inside, shake up those cans, aim to the nest and fire away. Be diligent. Keep spraying. You will start seeing some fall, step on those, that will signal to the others to come back to defend the nest. Prepare with the second bottle. Now, you can knock down the nest and stomp it to pieces. Be brave. Good luck!


Buy wasp spray from Walmart the large can should be about $6 bucks or less

How accessible is it and how big is it? Paper wasps I usually just knock it down with a broom handle and step on it.


There you have it. WASPS... BEWARE. I'm coming for you!



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