This coming up Monday is Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you. So of course, we're trying to figure out which Mt. Rushmore to do on Monday. We couldn't come to a conclusion. There are so many options. Villains? Sidekicks? Overall characters? Do we limit it to the cinematic universe?

That last question seems to be the only one that we were able to come to a consensus on. We are going to keep it locked on characters from the cinematic version of Star Wars. Vote in the poll below to help us decide which Mt. Rushmore we should do.


 Who would be the George Washington for some of these?
  • Villains? Gotta be Vader
  • Droids? R2-D2
  • If we're doing sidekicks, Chewbacca has to be at the top, no questions asked.

We'll get to those on Monday. For now, vote in the poll above and help us decide which topic we should do for May the 4th's Mt. Rushmore.

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