Let's pretend, for some weird reason, you only get to have one meal when you go to your favorite, local, restaurant. What's it going to be?

I won't make you pick the one and only meal you can have for the rest of your life, we'll consider multiple El Paso restaurants. Only one meal each though, ok?  El Paso has such a variety of cuisines to choose from, one meal each is enough of a challenge.

I'll get the ball rolling with a few dishes that I don't really see around a lot and, therefore, always wind up on my plate when I visit these places. Here goes...

  • Ruli's International Kitchen, 4176 N. Mesa. The only place in town I know of that serves Ox Tail at all and it's delicious. That's the app, I get the Chilis En Nogada with it when possible. (That's a seasonal item, only available once a year.)
  • Rib Hut, 2612 N. Mesa/12302 Montana. Yes, the bbq is the bomb. The one thing they do that no one else does? Spencer's Nachos. Trust me, they're different.
  • Cattlemans at Indian Cliffs Ranch, 3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd. Sure, you can get a steak anywhere but not like these. I go for the T-Bone with a rib as an appetizer so I have something to put their bbq sauce on, it's that good.
  • German Pub, 9530 Viscount. Bratwurst, with an ice cold beer. Wait, ALL my meals come with ice cold beer. (Sometimes, my beer comes with a beer.)
  • Crawdaddy's, 212 Cincinnati. I could eat the jambalaya all day, every day. Which, I kinda do already.

Just a few thoughts, I could totally keep going. These are items that are not as common as burgers or Mexican food can be around here.

That's why I left those two types of food off the list.

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