Every smart ass comment that just popped into your head could ... and probably should ... be added to this list.  Here are the top 9 according to monster.com.  Plus 1 from me!!

First of all, why the top 9?  They couldn't have chosen one more from the gazillions of things you shouldn't say to your boss to make this a top 10??

Don't worry though El Paso; we'll get it there!! First though, the 9.......

1)    I need a raise. (Find me a boss that likes hearing that one)

2)   That just isn't possible. (Way to show off that "go - getter" attitude!!)

3)   I can't stand working with ________. (Whoever it is, the Boss has to work with them also.  If they could be dumped they would have been ... don't remind him!)

4)   I partied to hard last night; I'm so hung over. (In radio, this one doesn't count.  If it did, there wouldn't be anybody left here!!) 

5)   I emailed you about that last week/yesterday/etc... ("The check is in the mail" 2.0.  This type of dodge sucked before the internet and it sucks now!)

6)   It's not my fault. (Yeah, ok. Whatever.)

7)   I don't know. (Around here, that one works!  As long as we're intro-ing an Ozzy song...)

8)   But, we've always done it this way. (A favorite of our Program Director/Operations Mngr!)

9)   Let me set you up with ______. (Never set the boss up with a date ... unless it's you.  If it is you; never set the boss up with a date. Even Hugh Hefner and his playmates have learned to stay away from this one!)

Ok my bru-thas and sis-tahs; it's your turn!!  I know the El Paso/Cruces faction has 1 or 2 to add here!! 

Here's my 'number 10' to get you started:

"Why don't you get off your fat ass and do it yourself."

Ready? Go!!

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