There is a lot of secrecy around the band right now and a reputed illness may bring their career to an abrupt end.AC/DC were to record a new CD and launch a 40th anniversary tour.  Now, rumor has it that those plans are off and that guitarist Malcolm Young has suffered a stroke and returned to Australia to be with his family. Could AC/DC be through?

Whether Malcolm is ill and this is a temporary break or has indeed had a stroke that caused permanent damage remains to be seen.  Entertainment writer Peter Ford recently tweeted;

there is a sad story behind all this that I have chosen not to report ...boys played together privately a few weeks back

If Malcolm .. or any member .. does quit, that could be the end for the band as a whole as they have (supposedly) made a pact to never again allow anyone to join AC/DC.

If one quits, it's ALL over.  A press conference is expected to be held tomorrow.

AC/DC and Van Halen being very secretive
Photo /Newsmakers (via Getty Images)


Will 2014 bring great times, sad times or both? We'll find out soon enough I guess.



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