Halloween is right around the corner and while looking back at some of my costume decisions, trust me, there's a lot, I was reminded that one year I went as a Hogwarts student! I concluded that I would be in Slytherin and threw a tie and sweater and hit the bars, while my best friend was in house Ravenclaw.


It was a fun Halloween. I'm a fan of the "Harry Potter" series (despite having a controversial author) and the costume was a hit.

But in this day and age, Halloween can be everyday, especially when you dedicate yourself to creating content for TikTok. TikTok user @Lexdelvalle is using the platform to show everyone what it would look like if a Latina went to Hogwarts, and trust when I say that this is totally how I feel I would if I actually went to Hogwarts (I didn't go to Hogwarts, obviously, because I never got my acceptance letter).

@Lexdelvalle starts off with part one where she has to explain to her mom that she's definitely not doing brujeria:

In part two, she goes further into detail on the daily life at Hogwarts- and she totally nails how I would feel if I had to ride a Hippogriff:

In part three (because the people demanded a third part) she's up to more shenanigan's at Hogwarts and totally uses the cloak of invisibility for what I would use it for- to find out if a guy likes me or not:

And finally, in part four, I think she may have figured out why he who must not be named is mad:

She hasn't done a fifth part but I'm highly anticipating it. Do you think she nails it?

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