If you notice bartenders slowly disappearing from the nightlife scene, it's probably because of this invention. The one you can thank for this invention is Yu Jiang Tham who clearly was tired of lifting a bottle. He recently uploaded a video on YouTube introducing his 3D printed bartender robot.

This little gadget would definitely come in handy for those pool parties during the summer with your buddies. The 'Bar Mixvah' would be a major hit at any type of party and would help the drinks get made faster.

The cool decent thing about Yu Jiang Tham is he isn't selfish when it comes to this robot. He decided to share his secret regarding how to build such a robot for those interested. The best part about his invention is that it can be controlled all through an iPad.

Hopefully you wanna be bartenders can enjoy this 'Bar Mixvah' without lifting a bottle but with a touch of a finger tip!


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