Did I miss it??

According to The Mayans .. and a lot of the nuts around here ... Friday was supposed to be the end.

Nothing happened.

I waited awhile just in case the Mayans were on eastern time or something and still nothing.  Then I decided to wait out the weekend just in case the international date line played a role in this or maybe the space aliens forgot to set their alarm clock.

Still nothing.

Apparently we're good here for a while yet!  (Which is very cool 'cuz my bike is almost paid for and I was gonna be really ticked off if I hit that milestone only to find out there's no riding in the afterlife.)

So, I guess we kinda get a "do over".  Since we didn't all die, explode, vanish or become one with the universe; what are you planning to do with your second chance??

I'm going to work on helping others, try not to annoy my boss as much as I usually do and see if I can bring about world peace.  You??  Post your "resolutions" below or on the Q facebook page!

Whatever you change or don't change, good luck with your new life!!