There are sayings only someone in El Paso would know someone else is from El Paso, Texas. There are sayings that people outside of our hometown wouldn't understand. El Paso natives can tell someone is from El Paso without saying they're from El Paso.

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For example, you could be visiting another state and city outside El Paso and overhear someone say they're craving Chico's Tacos. Another saying that is a dead giveaway someone's from El Paso is by them mentioning UTEP Miners. There are other sayings that will show someone is from El Paso, Texas.

There are so many places and things an El Pasoan could mention that show they're from El Paso. Granted we have certain unique qualities all around our city that other places don't. Only in California can people mention their gigantic letters that sit on the mountains. Although, the Franklin Mountains also have letters on them except they're painted on.

But California isn't the only place with a unique touch on its mountains. Only in El Paso, you will see a big bright star lighting the mountain at night. When you hear someone mention Scenic Drive, you know they're talking about El Paso.

So it got me wondering what other things could El Pasoans say without directly saying they're from El Paso. There are plenty of sayings El Pasoans could use to describe they're from El Paso. Hell, just by talking about partying in Juarez is another way of saying you're from El Paso. My saying would be about going offroading at the wall or Red Sands which is a dead giveaway about where I am from.

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